Gardening times

Our land is also used for outreach programmes by St John’s. Members are asked to adhere to these opening times to avoid clashes.

  • Monday 1pm to 3pm
  • Tuesday all-day
  • Wednesday 1pm to 5.30pm
  • Thursday all-day
  • Friday all-day
  • Saturday all-day
  • Sunday noon to 5.30pm


The watering system is currently turned ON.

We have a rainwater tank and a sprinkler irrigation system. The system runs off a series of risers with sprinkler heads and black main pipes buried up to 50cm below in trenches between plots. Please be careful and avoid these when digging in these areas. You may occasionally find legacy sprinkler pipes in the ground. If so, let us know so we can remove them.


We have a rotating compost “pig” near the shed. Please give it a turn to rotate the compost when you visit the garden to help its contents break down. The locked compartment is in the process of breaking down, so only add new material to the unlocked one.

Do not empty any bokashi bins into the compost – bokashi bins “pickle” their contents and they don’t break down – they’re designed more to compact waste and create “juice” for plants. We do not have space for bin contents to be buried or disposed of at the garden.

Additionally, trimmings with thorns don’t rot properly and prick others. There are green waste, recycling and normal landfill bins by the shed for these.

Keeping active

To maintain your membership and plot, participation in three working bees per year is required to remain active, in addition to your annual membership fee which is due for renewal at the AGM. You should also pay attention to group emails and keep your plot relatively neat and tidy. This ensures you’re not inadvertently breeding bugs which attack the rest of the garden!

The Committee reserves the right to reallocate your plot if there is no evidence of any work having been done after three (3) consecutive months and you fail to respond to email and phone contact.

Please let us know if you’re heading out of town for an extended period, or are simply too swamped with work. We can reallocate your plot to a new member on the waiting list and put you first in line for a new plot when you’re free to garden again.

Plotholders are welcome to have general members work their plot in their absence, provided they remain financial and the general member takes part in the required number of working bees. It’s a great way to get friends involved if you can’t garden – just be sure to let us know!